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Calvinists should welcome this book for at least two reasons.

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E 240- A very attractive, smart, athletic, stylish and successful Toronto-based executive who enjoys a number of sports, the outdoors, art, theatre, travel, fine dining and socializing seeks a handsome, dynamic, accomplished, sports-minded, independent and fun loving executive, professional or entrepreneur with an outgoing nature and good sense of humour (late 50's-mid 60's).

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The mercury thermometer has the following properties: mercury expands easily it conducts heat easily, being a liquid metal it is silvery opaque and clearly visible it does not stick to glass a minimum-maximum thermometer can be made with it it has a high boiling point (357ºC) and can thus be used for high temperatures - it freezes at -39ºC and this could cause the bulb to crack - it is relatively expensive - it is considered an ecological hazard, even though liquid mercury is harmless it expands easily, even more than mercury - it is not a good conductor of heat it can be coloured in any colour to be easily visible - it has a low boiling point of 78ºC it has a low freezing point of -112ºC and is suitable for low temperatures it is inexpensive - it wets glass and gives a less precise readout it is not harmful to the environment The Six's maximum and minimum thermometer is a clever use of an alcohol bulb thermometer with some mercury in its capillary, topped up with more alcohol and ending in an empty bulb with some vacuum.

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